Monday, June 30, 2008

IM lab station

I've read of students failing because they were worried about compatability of mixing the 2 meds assigned. The purpose of this station is to show your ability to mix two medications in the same syringe. So don't worry about compatability.


Anonymous said...

What on earth are you using for a pt?

kiwi said...

It's a stuffed pair of panty hose.
Thanks for the encouragement.

jennypenny said...

why didn't you just draw up the med while you were in the second bottle? I was taught air in 1 bottle, air in second, draw that med, then back to first one to draw it up. Less chance to contanimate.

Anonymous said...

How many minutes do you have in the SQ/IM station? Also, I have another question, since I already clean the two vials with alcohol, do I have to clean again when I draw out the 2nd med? Thanks.

kiwi said...

15 minutes
You shouldn't have to but most did.

Anonymous said...

does it matter which med you draw first?

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